Friday, September 14, 2018

Library Bag Faves 9-14-18


Two of my favorite books EVER! Have you walked into a room full of people and felt lost or too different? Jacqueline Woodson's amazing picture book THE DAY YOU BEGIN not only lets us know that we are not alone but to be proud of who we are and to tell OUR stories. It's also an homage to the power of books and how they can take us anywhere in the world.

Yuli Morales' Dreamers is the true story of her trek from Mexico to Texas with her baby son. Another book about the power of books. She knew no English but one day walked into the most magnificent place she had ever seen. A library! Her story is inspiring! BOOK LOVE!!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Someone took a book! WOOT!!

I Am the Messenger -Markus Zusak Young Adult-Amazon blurb: Meet Ed Kennedy--underage cabdriver, pathetic cardplayer, and useless at romance. He lives in a shack with his coffee-addicted dog, the Doorman, and he's hopelessly in love with his best friend, Audrey. His life is one of peaceful routine and incompetence, until he inadvertently stops a bank robbery. That's when the first Ace arrives. That's when Ed becomes the messenger. Zusak wrote The Book Thief a must read, best seller, and award winning classic set in WWII. Geo and I loved Messenger, a fun and poignant story of a teenage loser who is madly in love with his best friend, Audrey, but won't tell her. He accidentally stops a bank robbery and that's when he starts getting instructions to "help" others in his town. Sweet, heartfelt, and more times than not, pretty darn funny! 5 STARS

Heartless-Marissa Meyer, author of The Lunar Chronicles (Book 1 is Cinder...both Geo and I flew through the whole series and LOVED it). Heartless is a twist on Alice in Wonderland. Gr 8 and Up

Molokai by Alan Brennert Adult Fic About the days of the leper colonies on Molokai over one hundred years ago. About how the human spirit can survive....even leprosy. Unforgettable, moving, AMAZING! 5 Stars

Forgotten-Cat Patrick Another Young Adult Fantasy. Can you tell Geo and I LOVE young adult books? Amazon blurb: Each night at precisely 4:33 am, while sixteen-year-old London Lane is asleep, her memory of that day is erased. In the morning, all she can "remember" are events from her future. London is used to relying on reminder notes and a trusted friend to get through the day, but things get complicated when a new boy at school enters the picture. 5 Stars from both of us!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

 Announcing the arrival of our Little Free Library! Thanks to our good friends Ron and Sue for building it for us! WE LOVE IT! BOOK LOVE!

These three books are being featured.

Our grandloves ADORE Shark vs. Train (Picture Book) by Chris Barton and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld!

Walk Two Moons (Elem & Middle Grade) by the award winning Sharon Creech! From Ms. Creech's website: In her own singularly beautiful style, Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech intricately weaves together two tales, one funny, one bittersweet, to create a heartwarming, compelling, and utterly moving story of love, loss, and the complexity of human emotion.
Lady and the Unicorn (Adult Fic) by Tracy Chevalier is her fictional take on the mysterious tapestries hanging in the Cluny Museum in Paris.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Library Bag Faves 8-27-18

4 Stars! Funny & has sequels! 
4 Stars! Can't beat Jane Yolen! Beautiful! 

4 Stars! Hilarious! No one lets bear sleep! 

4 Stars! Pre-school, beautiful! 

5 Stars! LOVE the illustrations! Be Yourself!! 

4 Stars! Hilarious mistaken identity!

4 Stars! He's so ugly he's cute? FUNNY! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear and Joe Pickett by C.J. Box, Two Phenomenal Mystery Series

At one point in my life, the mystery genre was my book of choice. Most were good, some were great. Winspear and Box, in my opinion, have taken their mysteries up another notch. Two totally different mysteries in every way but one: excellent writing and story telling. And I almost passed them by.

Diane, my best friend and voracious reader, had told me numerous times about Winspear's Maisie Dobbs series, set in London around The Great War. Finally, one day I had no other books in mind when I somehow remembered her recommendation. Maybe my eye caught a title on the library's shelf or something else, but I finally picked up the first one, titled Maisie Dobbs.

Maisie is thirteen when her mother dies, so she and her father are on their own. He continues to sell vegetables from his horse-drawn carriage daily. Maisie can tell he can hardly look at her because she reminds him so much of her mother. But he's kind and wants a better life for her, so he sets her up as a maid with a wealthy family on his delivery route. Maisie is a hard worker, but she is caught reading in the library at night instead of sleeping. She thinks she will be sacked for sure but instead the matriarch introduces her to a man who becomes her teacher and mentor. Eventually, after his tutoring, she is about to go to University, when she lies about her age and goes to France to be a nurse in the war. After the war she becomes a psychologist and detective. Scattered in her books, Winspear’s love of vintage clothing and cars is apparent. I Google every piece of clothing and old car she mentions so I can see what they look look like. Each book in the series has a theme, like the men who had to go into war zones to make maps for the military. So far, I have read all fourteen books and look forward in anticipation for the next.

C. J. Box's Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett had been buzzing around me for quite some time. The author had an appearance at a local indie bookstore and one could hardly ignore his ranking on the best sellers list. But really, a game warden in Wyoming? Mine was a polite "no thanks". Then an appointment with one of my favorite doctors changed my mind. She is a hoot and a half and a delightful woman who is opposite of the usual "no-social-skills" of doctors. When you meet her, it's as if you've known her forever. A fly fisherwoman herself, she told of her trip to Wales to be in a fly fishing competition. She and another lady from America were the only two contestants to snag fish! But her favorite thing was getting everyone in the group hooked on Box's Joe Pickett books. Hubby and I are officially addicted.

These two authors not only do extensive research, but they've lived their lives in the setting they write about. In each series I have learned so many things and am grateful. I also love how they grow their main and minor characters in each and every book. Whenever I finish their books, I feel as if it was serendipity...needing to read them and not knowing until I did! What could be better than that?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Beartown by Fredrik Backman (Titled The Scandal in Sweden) 5/5 Stars

Best selling author Fredrick Backman's best book yet. His debut book in 2015, A Man Called Ove, met with rave reviews and quickly became a best seller all over the world. Beartown is his fifth, with a sequel marked for June of 2018. It is his extraordinary writing that captures me, heart and soul. I feel like I am there living among his characters and their imperfect lives, but knowing each one's flaws, desires, and secrets. At its core is obsession, family, love, and scandal. Don't miss his books, each and every one is remarkable! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Life by Cynthia Rylant and Illustrations by Brendan Wenzel

Five GIANT stars for this AMAZING picture book. Incredible, lovely story with fun AND beautiful illustrations! I LOVE the way he draws animals, especially their expressive eyes!! This is a keeper and I will be buying it for the grandloves!