Thursday, June 23, 2011


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Reckless by Cornelia Funke

FORGOTTEN by Cat Patrick

FORGOTTEN is Cat Patrick's debut young adult book about a 16 year old girl, London Lane, who at 4:33 every morning forgets her past. When she wakes up, she has notes, her cell phone is her life line, and her mom helps, too. But she cannot remember yesterday but she can see the future. Think about that. Would YOU want to know your future? Not seeing the past for me means I can read books and see movies for the first time over and over and over!

The pic at the right is a photo I took.  We were on vacation when it came out. In England. My hubby and I took a day to go to Oxford (because of Harry Potter and The Golden Compass) and we went to Blackwell's Book Shop.  Cool, right? I was so excited when I found it, I bought it on the spot!

Cat Patrick is the sister-in-law of Katie, a teacher at my school. So, I've been in on all of the excitement long before the book came out. 

How cool is it to have your first book get published? By Little and Brown, no less? They're the ones who published that vampire series. Yes, that one. No, I was NOT a fan. At all. Wanted to throw the second one across the room and did not (and will not) read the rest. No, you can't make me. Ever. But I do delight in making fun of the movies. HA!

Story is that Cat's husband was a little iffy about the idea of her quitting her day job to write full time. But she did it anyway and wrote Forgotten. Then it was published, big deal in of itself. Then she sold the movie rights. Hailee Stanfield will star. Yep, you know, the one who won an Oscar for TRUE GRIT?

I'd say hubby is happier.

But the really good part, is the book. The story. It's so much fun to read and try to figure out. I haven't predicted one thing in this book and to me that means it's top notch! Hubby is reading it right now and enjoying it!

Cat has more books in her bag, sorry, pun intended. We'll have to see what she comes up with next, can't wait!