Saturday, October 9, 2010


Even though it didn't even come CLOSE to living up to the books, it was still a fun event. About 15-20 of my students and their families showed up! As well as my principal, a teacher and her own kids as well as many from her class, and George's brother and wife!

I was a little concerned throughout, what with the violence and all. But no blood, thank goodness. A lot of bad guys, fighting, and scary moments, but everyone I talked to the next day said they loved it.

My brother and sister-in-law just raved about the animation, and I agree. The detail and sheer talent of artists blow me away! The attention to detail in everything about the owls was stunning. How long it must have taken to make! But I was really surprised that I ended up thinking that the 3D was totally unnecessary, even with the flying, which was phenomenal in Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon. Maybe because the animation was so well done, the 3D just messed with it too much. I think that says a lot about the artistry!

One of my favorite parts of movies these days are the credits. I won't let my hubby leave until ALL of the credits have played. You never know when they will throw something in at the end. But I also like to read all the names, see who the songs were performed by, where in the world they filmed the movie, etc. I guess it's my love for the intricate and trivial. HA!

And now, they are starting to make the credits fun to watch! Either by the style they use or the little things they insert. I LOVE IT!!

So, my recommendation is to read the books for Kathryn Lasky's writing. Her obvious love of books, learning, friendship, and owls makes it a great read!  And see the movie for the animation! You won't regret reading the books and gasping at the detail will be worth watching the movie.