Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Avoided this series until I just couldn't ignore it any longer, it was being mentioned constantly. I rolled my eyes, "Really...another take on Cinderella? Oh, okay, I'll try it." I love audio books and WOW, narrator Rebecca Soler is perfect! Loved the series so much, I bought all the hardbacks, too. Hubby just finished Winter yesterday. Daughter-in-law Kelly will get it next! We agreed that each book was fantastic! The way she brought in new fairy tale character per book was so fun. When I first got Scarlet, I panicked, my brain was screaming, "where's Cinder, where's Cinder? Ahhhh, there she is", and then I fell in LOVE with the additional characters and how she imagined each story. While listening to Winter, I would say to hubby, " in the world are they going to get out of this mess?" And while hubby was reading, I'd have him tell me what was happening! 

When I tell people about the series, my last carrot is always, "you know the scene at the ball? She doesn't lose her slipper, she loses her cyborg foot!" 

OH MY GOSH!!! Just went here and she has a companion book coming out in February called Stars Above, separate new stories for all of us fans to gobble up! WOOHOO!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!