Sunday, July 25, 2010

So many books, so little time...

I love that saying. And "life is simple, eat, sleep, read". I bought that t-shirt from the literacy site.

Loving/reading a few books at the moment.

TEACH LIKE YOUR HAIR'S ON FIRE by Rafe Esquith. Recommended by Blue Skunk Blog (a great media specialist's blog). Pretty intimidating is this award winning teacher from California. He's a SUPERTEACHER that's hard to live up to. But I'm looking at it in a way that is realistic, taking what I can from it and being inspired. What he does with his kids is pretty darn amazing, but I like that the LOVE he has for them and his job comes shining through.

SPINSTERS IN JEOPARDY by Ngaio Marsh, recommended by Yvette, an internet friend who has become one of my best friends and is certainly a kindred spirit, and the reason for ME starting a blog. Our love for books drew us together, meeting at  author Lee Child's website on his forum.  ANYWAY, I'll tell you more about Yvette and Lee later.

Back to SPINSTERS, written the year I was born. Yes, it is OLD, but a delightful mystery starring a married couple and their small son. Marsh was one of the grande dames of mystery in the 50's along with the likes of Agatha Christie. Her writing reminds me of the way Elizabeth Peters writes her Amelia Peabody series, with that unmistakable "English air" about it. Her word usage blows me away sometimes but never distracts from the story.

From Fort Collins Public Library, a summary of SPINSTERS: En route to a family vacation on the French Riviera, Inspector Roderick Alleyn glimpses from the train a shocking tableau. In a moonlit window, a white-robed figure raises a knife to a woman's shadow. Thus begins his incognito exploration of the Chateau of the Silver Goat ... where a jet-set cult's "Way of Life" could spell death for a maiden lady of a certain age--and even for Alleyn's own young son, unless he can unveil its illicit mysteries.

I love it when authors can make you see, feel, smell, and almost touch their story, don't you? If you like that old English way of life, and writing, anyone would enjoy this.

As always, what are YOU reading?



  1. Jean!!!!!!! I LOVE your blog!!! You know this is all due to Skye. She began her blog and I got inspired and now here you are. We'll have to link back and forth. It'slooking lovely and full of book info too. We'll have to post back and forth.

  2. Oh, meant to say: I'm still deep into CRYPTONOMICON by Neal Stephenson. What a cool book. Funny too. I am the cyberpunk queen. HA!

  3. Jean - HOW are you inserting the links so fluidly within your posts? I can't figure it out. I love the way you're doing it in a different color and as part of the sentence. You're way ahead of me now.

    I am desperate for GUIDANCE!!
    I checke our your link to the Blue Skunk blog and bookmarked it immediately.