Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twitter, You Make Me Sad

Okay, for a lack of a better word (or better writing...sigh...) sad is NOT correct. What would better describe how I am feeling? Frustrated? Intimidated? Being left behind (I know, three words)? It stems from my late blooming, getting back to teaching late in my life.

But not even Twitter can make me EVER regret the years I stayed home with my kids. They remind me of this by living the wonderful lives they lead. So I do have that. Proud? Indeed. They are, and will always be, my first passion.

But my second passion(s), kids, reading, teaching, being a librarian, has led me to discover other kindred spirits in the most unlikely place. Twitter. But everyone on Twitter that I follow have such the upper hand. I feel so far from their expertise, experience, and yes, geekiness. It is my pursuit of said nerdom that I lack but want so much! Woe is me! See, would a geek say "woe"? I think not.

As I say to my students, "Patience, young Jedi," I AM learning on Twitter. But again, time lifts it's mighty beast of a head. SO MUCH INFO, SO LITTLE TIME!

Right now, I've been up since 5:30, 3 and 1/2 hours. Do I have my shower yet? Nyet. Have I actually accomplished anything? Well, if you count getting caught up with Donalyn, Paul, and Patrick, then that would be an affirmative. "Isn't that nice," you say, "catching up with your dearest and closest of friends". Well, no, that would be Diane, Gail, and Ann. These are my new "friends". My Twitter friends, who teach me so much and yet leave me in the dust.

Back to that patience. I teach tech classes all day long as well as our gifted and talented students. I live with my retired hubby of 35 years. I have an adorable grandson, Henry. Plus my family and friends and OTHER passions: Colorado State University, Colorado Avalanche, golfing, Las Vegas (thank you for the IPad I am tapping away on), MUSIC, my IPad and IPhone, the internet, Facebook, Pandora, my blog, blogs I follow, and now, Twitter. Do you see where I'm going with this?

TIME...where do I find the time, that seems to disappear in a blink the older I get?


"Just cut back on some of those, you idiot!" you say? Are you mental? Or is it you just don't know me?

I'm afraid that's it, you don't know me or if you do, you'd know that I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a hot poker chip, er, than give up any of this.

Patience, my young and me, together.


  1. I get tuckered out just reading your post. HA! I know what you mean - no matter how up to date I think I'm getting, there's always something that comes along and knocks me for a loop. I'm not with Twitter much - why? Because Facebook and my Blog are quite enough for me. I'm listening to Rosemary Clooney singing SNOW, right now. Nice.

  2. I have found that Twitter, more than anything else, has helped me connect with so many people interested in children's literacy. For years, I'd vowed not to tweet. I opened an account and looked at it years ago. It didn't look like it made any sense to me then. Now it makes more sense. Maybe it took time for the concept itself to evolve.

    Verizon is going to start carrying the iPhone. This year will be the year. I will finally get an iPhone. Woohoo. Total digression there, but anyway....