Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ice by Arthur Geisert

Ice is a wordless book. That's right, not ONE word, but amazing, fun, unique illustrations. On the back flap is a bit of infromation about the author. "Geisert has published just about a book a year for the last 30 years, and every one of his books has been illustrated with etchings. His work has appeared in The New York Times and the Horn Book Magazine, and he has been a recipient of The New York Times' Best Illustrated Award."

I'm ashamed and stunned and feel cheated that this if my first Geisert book that I've read. Each page has so much going on. You could spend a lot of time describing what's going on with these delightful pigs and that's exactly what my students and I are going to do. I think I will keep my opinion out of it and just urge my students to tell me what they see. I may even stop at a critical point and let them "tell" me what they think happened in the rest of the book. They can tell me verbally, write about it, draw about it, whatever strikes their mood.

We're going to have some kind of fun with this 4Star book, Ice.

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  1. This looks interesting, Jean. Though sometimes wordless books can be intimidating 'cause you have to fill the story in yourself. But most of the time they're fun and gives kids a chance to be inventive.

    Arthur Geisert is wonderful.

    Do you know THE ARRIVAL by Shaun Tan? Another wordless book - more a graphic novel. Absolutely top notch.

    I see A RED HERRING WITHOUT MUSTARD on your sideboard. LOVED IT!!

    Can't wait to read the new one: I'M HALF SICK OF SHADOWS, due out next month I believe.