Thursday, December 19, 2013

Library Bag Fave: ON A BEAM OF LIGHT, A Story About Albert Einstein by Jennifer Berne, pictures by Vladimir Radunsky

Vladimir Radunsky
I've always told adults that if you want to start researching or learning about something, start with picture books! I love when a really good picture book comes out about a famous person that I can share with my students, grandchildren, and friends. I was smitten with this one the moment I picked it up! I LOVE when a book makes me gasp and smile. Radunsky's illustrations are fun and the sepia background he chose makes it look old and really cool. But my favorite part of this book is how Jennifer Berne shows us that Einstein was a thinker and a dreamer. He wondered and pondered and LOVED to learn. His father put a compass in his hand when Einstein was ill and laid up in bed. It fascinated him that no matter which way he turned it, it always pointed north. "Albert was so amazed, his body trembled." He started asking questions, so many that his teachers said he was a disruption and would never amount to anything. "Albert Einstein wanted to discover the hidden mysteries in the world." And, boy howdy, did he! It's filled with fun facts, great illustrations, and we find out that he learned to his very last day. He left us with many questions still being pondered by scientists all over the world. I LOVE  the way she ended it. "Questions that YOU may someday wondering, thinking, and imagining." There are more facts in the back and some of the titles of the 50 books she researched. There's also this website: Albert Einstein
Jennifer Berne

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