Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's A Little Book by Lane Smith

Lane Smith is becoming a favorite author and illustrator of mine. His work is so varied but always exceptional. The book I chose of his is It's a Little Book. This is the baby version of It's a Book. I bought it for my grandson Henry and for the school library. The baby donkey asks the baby ape about what he is holding, which is a book. "Is it for chewing?" "No," he answers...and donkey asks question after question until baby ape says, "It's a book, silly." This is a great book for babies through 2nd grade or anyone who would enjoy it just because it's about books. My kindergarteners loved it and the second time through they practically read it by themselves. It's so adorable and so like a little one to ask so many quesitons. This is a board book and perfect for baby gifts! I ALWAYS give books for presents. ALWAYS! Enjoy!

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