Friday, January 30, 2015

Library Bag Fave: Is There a Dog in This Book? by Viviane Schwarz

You can't tell, but the yellow part is a different piece of paper that covers the cats. This SHOULD have given me a clue that INSIDE the book would have flaps and cutouts. But, no, I was delightfully surprised. Lots of fun in this story and the illustrations....many, many giggly surprises! The cats talk to the reader, inviting us into their story. Two of the cats discover there is a dog in the book...the third asks what a dog is. The dog in the book is just the cutest little thing. I particularly love his thought bubbles...they are kiddish line drawings of what he is "hearing" the cats tell him. Schwarz has cleverly hid the cats under flaps because they are afraid of him. Well, except Tiny, she wants to be friends. She eventually convinces the other two to feel his soft fur. But then they ask the reader if they want to cuddle their new dog friend. The reader sees the dog looking at them with sheer terror, his ears straight up in the air, with a line drawing of a human in his thought bubble is hilarious! He runs off and hides...behind flaps of course! Such a delightful, unique, fun book! Grab it at your nearest library or independent book store! YAY BOOKS!

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