Monday, January 5, 2015

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Moira Young was an actress, dancer, singer, and opera star when she took a bad fall. During her recovery she discovered a forgotten old write a novel. Promptly taking a class in writing, she is now an award winning novelist with her first attempt, Blood Red Road, the first in her Dustlands trilogy.

A desolate world that has become a dusty wasteland, has a mad King who controls his slaves with a drug they call Chaw. Saba knows nothing of this outside her little world...her family lives near a dried up lake, but they get by and are happy, even though their mother died giving birth to Emmi, the youngest. Until the day the men in black cloaks come and kidnap her beloved twin brother Lugh. Her quest to find her brother will not only make Saba stronger and braver then she could ever imagine, it will lead her to the man who makes her heartstone blaze.

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