Sunday, September 12, 2010

THE BOOK WHISPER by Donalyn Miller

I found this book perusing one of several book blogs I visit. And BOY, am I glad I did!

This book is about a REAL TEACHER, Donalyn Miller, who gets fifth grade students in Texas to read 40 books a year...happily! But more importantly, most of them turn into life-long learners and life-long lovers of books!

If you want to see how she does it, GET THIS BOOK and give it to every teacher you know! Or at the very least, recommend it!

It's actually an age-old idea. She lets her students pick books THEY ARE  INTERESTED IN and then, gasp, she lets them read them in her CLASS!

She has step-by-step instructions and forms to photocopy that she uses to accomplish this.

You will thank me're VERY welcome!

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