Sunday, September 12, 2010


Kept seeing FABLEHAVEN everywhere I went. Would pick it up and put it back down. Read a recommendation somewhere and thought, "Oh, yea, that's that book I keep passing up, maybe I should go get it at the library." So I did. Yay libraries!

I am on page 205 of the first book in the series with the same name, Fablehaven. It took until page 73 to get hooked. See if you can find the three little words that did it!

What an imagination this man has! I always wonder how an author's take on an old subject, in this case fairies, can possibly make it fresh and new. Well, he's done it, and more so. If you like fantasy books, especially about fairies, check it out.

Two other fairy series I'm crazy about: Victoria Hanley's (see earlier post) VIOLET WINGS and Herbie Brennan's FAERIE WARS.    

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